September 6th, 2012

Pampered birds make the best eggs…

As you well-educated CFSers know, happy healthy animals create the tastiest and most nutrient dense foods on the planet. More reading on that here. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to get some Cheek eggs or some from our former egg lady knows the difference between Real Food eggs and what you get at the grocery store. As you know we now have a new supplier for the gym a local family farm is going to be bringing eggs by on Tuesdays and Fridays so bring your cash or your checkbook to class with you. Read below about their practices.

“Here’s a little info about our CHICKENS:
No hormones – No antibiotics – Free Range/Pastured – Cage Free
(We don’t call them “organic” because of the red tape hoops and cost
involved, but they have all been raised under those standards)

We have a variety — Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Longhorns,
Americanas etc.. they lay a variety of colors too — browns, whites and
those beautiful green/blue ones. They have not been given hormones nor
antibiotics. Due to some serious predators in our area — coyotes, neighbor
dogs and a bobcat — we now do a supervised Free Range for their protection.
Otis — one of our roosters (see him in the last picture being held by our
12 yr old) is the “security guard”. He struts around keeping those hens
close by. They are also human supervised. When not free ranging they are in
a large fenced area rich in grasses, bugs and other yummy things. We let
them eat out of the gardens also. (One of the pics shows this)They love
kale! We plant lots of it so they can enjoy as much as they want. They also
snack on berries and fruit from our orchard. From the beginning we’ve
treated them as family pets. The boys spend lots of time holding, petting
and caring for them. They’ve even named a good portion of them. When one is
injured or egg bound, she is treated and isolated until well again. We joke
that our “chicken hospital” is more like a spa. When an injured or sick hen
is mended she often needs some bathing which then concludes in a blowdrying!
(See pic of Steve doing that)   Our hens are very healthy and we work hard
to be sure their coops are cleaned and they always have dirt bath areas

We have about 80+ chickens. The 60 or so hens that have just started laying
in the last month are laying small eggs. They are still considered young but
are early layers. Over the next month the eggs should continue to grow in
size. We’re putting the dozens together with a mixture of Jumbo and the

Fed only CERTIFIED ORGANIC FEED:  We do a custom blend… No GMO, No corn,
No yeast, No wheat, No gluten, No soy, No hormones, No antibiotics  …Added
peas & flax for extra Omega-3 content.”


Seven rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
135 pound Back squat, 29 reps

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11 thoughts on “September 6th, 2012”

  1. 28:32 sub’d 95# (Marketa Rx’d) 1:30 PR +10# from May!
    I remember this before as very awful, this time only tough. I’m glad there wasn’t more rounds Ellen was steadily catching me!

    1st time w/ free range eggs, comparing one of these and a “Cage Free” store bought one “over easy”- these are much better more yellow yoke and they stand taller in the pan(?). BUT they are spendy for a family that eats a lot of eggs!

  2. 26:35? Really glad Ryan told us to scale this one. Wow! Maybe the Cheek’s should start buying eggs from these people. Sounds like they know what their doing.

  3. 41:10 rx’d

    Huge gain for me from May. Did 95 # for first 3 rounds then air squats for round 4 and 5,6,7 split 15 at 95# then 14 air squats.

    I went into this with reservation but I am very pleased with the outcome…but not the pain to come. 🙂

    Great job dawn on the rx on this and awesome job to all the ladies this morning during the power hour, I’m glad to be part of it.

  4. Great job you guys! That was awesome. I think mine was 32:34 and did all 7 rounds but with air squats. My goal was to get all 7 rounds done, so I am happy. 🙂 Nice work everyone.

  5. 40:29 5 rounds
    I’m convinced this wod is nearly impossible for me. Round 4 I wanted to die, round 5 I was holding back tears. No one likes to see a grown woman cry so I called it there. Thanks for trying to help me through it Matt! I appreciated all your encouragement more than you know. Oh, and that chili dog before class– bad idea!

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