December 6, 2015


Huskies WIN,

Thank you everyone for the great turn out today. Awesome PRs and  a lot of school pride shown off at CFS!!   Don’t worry Cougar Fans only 364 more days until the next Throwdown!!

For those of you not able to make it today here are the WODs

Part A

1 Mile run

Part B

In teams of 2

With 8 min on the clock and  1 person working at a time

100 Single Unders

30 Knee ups

20 Partner plank burpees

100 singles

and in the remainder of the time max reps of shoulder to overhead 65/45

Part C

Each team selected 3 women and 3 men had 12 min to reach a max deadlift weight

Very impressive weight was lifted

Huskies 1840#  Cougars 1760#

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