December 7, 2015


Ah the classic Pizza Margherita. Here’s quick and easy to make a grain free and gluten free version at home.


Part A-Skill Work

Spend 10 minutes working on handstand holds, handstand pushups or hand walking.

Part B-WOD

5 min Amrap


6 SDHP 95/65

Rest 2 min

5 min Amrap

4 Thusters 95/65

8 pull-ups

Rest 2 min

5 min Amrap

5 KB Swings 53/35

10 Burpees

Part C

Spend 3 min working on double unders or if you have all ready gotten doubles than practice triple unders

Post rounds per Amrap to comments

25 thoughts on “December 7, 2015”

  1. A: worked on free standing
    B: 6 plus 4sdhp, 4, 4 plus 8burpees
    42# was afraid to do more cuz of thrusters but next time will do 65#
    Good way to start the week after a stressful weekend. Happy Monday Y’all!

  2. Hello all.

    A) Did a few solid wall hand stands for the first time.
    B) Can’t remember all the counts – Did as much as I could.
    Scaled Inverted Box Push Ups, Green Band PUs.
    35# KB and #65 on the bar.
    C) Got several DU’s, but not in a row, still working on it.
    D) Bonus round of 4 x 1 min planks.


  3. A) Attempted wall stand, but worked more on my neck as I crumbled to the ground. For sure more practice on those.

    B) 6 + 5 SHPD’s Subbed triangle Push ups for the HSPU, 65# for SDHP’s – and 4 rnds Pull Ups and 5 Thrusters. – and.. 3 Kbs + 5 Burpees.

    C) Successfull DblUnders w triple attempts.

    RX’d those 2min rests though!

  4. A)
    Did a few handstands next to the wall (not comfortable trying them out in the open yet) but with feet away from the wall, 5-10 seconds each

    7 + 3 hspu (subbed the hspu with 15# kneeling db presses)
    3 + 3 thrusters
    3 + 8 burpees
    42# sdhp and thrusters/26# kb

    Worked on stringing more du’s and attempted triples.

  5. A. Took 4 steps on my hands. Making progress.
    B. 6+1 HSPU , 5 even, 4 even (last burpee as time expired) Rx’d
    C. Finally got one triple under.

  6. A. Worked on handstands and walking on hands
    B. 6 +1 SDHP @65# – 1 abmat & 1 10# plate for HSPU
    3 + 4 PU ( started with PU’s) rx
    4 + 3 KBS rx
    C. Got a few triple unders woot!

    Good stuff as always 9:15!!

  7. Great class today — A Pineapple Express blowing outside, Flash Dance blaring on Pandora (“what a feeling…”), and a ton of movement on the floor. Thanks Officer John for making it happen this morning.

    A. Worked on Hand Stands
    B. 5 + 4 + 3, I think.
    C. Stretched.

  8. A. Worked on freestanding handstands, and then against the wall.

    * 6 + 1 sdhp (2 abmats + 10# plate & 42#)
    * 4 even (42# & green band)
    * 4 + 3 kbs (35#)

    C. Attempted double unders but stopped early when it just wasn’t clicking.

    Glad I came in…did not want to!

  9. A. Worked on them but no much progress. Did some wall walks that were better. But handstands. The struggle is real!
    B. 7+3 Hspu used a 30″box no abmat
    3+2 thrusters @95
    3 rds @53lb
    C. Worked on DU. Still tough but they are coming along.

    #team915 smacked this one in the face!! Great work!!

  10. A, hs with wall , came away from wall a little,
    B 3 + 2 Hspu 1 mat
    5 + 3 pull up
    3 rnds
    C. Still working on it, gonna get one soon.

  11. A. I’m getting close to finally getting into a handstand. Both feet touched the wall a couple times tonight.
    B. *6 rds +5 SDHP (20# DB press, 42#)
    *4 rds (42#, purple band)
    *2 rds + 8 burpees; sorry to 5pm…Samantha stopped the clock during the last AMRAP.
    C. Best was 3 DUs strung together once

  12. 4-7-4+1 KBS rx
    Shoulders were smoked from Saturday’s shoulder to overhead. I burnt out the HSPU. Tried a coupe Kipping and got a no-rep-a-saurus. Second WOD was in my wheelhouse and third was a fight.

  13. A) walked about 6 steps
    B) 1- 5 rounds 1 a mat @65#
    2- 5 plus 2 pull ups @65#
    3- 4 plus 1 burpee
    C) need to work on triples

  14. 5 rounds w/ 1 abmat (tried first round rx but got stuck)
    4 rounds + 2 pull ups
    3 rounds (sorry 5:00pm for Samantha’s liberation of the clock controller, she felt it was oppressed)
    not 100% tonight, but a good night to just move with good group.

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