Monday May 16, 2016

tom hollenbery

May Spotlight Athlete of the Month

CrossFit Snohomish is very happy to announce that Tom Hollenberry has been chosen as Spotlight Athlete of the Month. Tom has been a very dedicated member of CFS for the last 2 years and lately you can sure hear  “Running Tom is a Beast” at least 3 times during the class, but all you will see when this happens  is Tom quietly smile and say  “Ahh but look at what you did!” He is an extremely hardworking and determined athlete but that compares nothing to the encouragement and guidance that he gives others.  It also wouldn’t be fair to talk about Tom without bringing up his daughter Samantha, talk about a cheerleader!!  Everyday she is as happy as can be and never once have I seen her without a smile and can that girl dance.    Thank you so much Tom for making CFS a part of your family  and shake our heads in amazement in everything you do.


When did you start CrossFit Snohomish? May 6th,  2014,  I was a runner who thought he was in fairly good shape, I was quickly humbled J!


What is your favorite WOD? Not sure I have a favorite at this point, I really enjoy the long workout’s that test your strength, endurance and mind.


What is your least favorite WOD? Anything with OH Squats or Double Unders,


What is your favorite movement? Lately I guess it would have to be Back Squats


What is your least favorite movement? OH Squat, OH Squat Snatch. Filling out this questionnaire


What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? Having the confidence and ability to attempt and get thru my first Open 2016 (Scaled).


What is your next goal? More upper body strength to get that Muscle Up. I suppose Double unders should be on the list also but it doesn’t seem very important till a WOD comes up and I can’t RX it because I don’t have them J Unscaled Open someday


What do you like to do outside of the gym? Spend time with my Family, Anything outdoors, Trail Running, Wheelin, Bike Riding, Camping.


What is your favorite food? My Wife’s Fried Chicken


What is your favorite movie? Top Gun ( I would love to fly one of those jets)


Where is your favorite place to be? Anywhere outdoors away from the Chaos.


If you could go back to the very first day you walked thru CrossFit Snohomish doors what would you tell yourself knowing what you know now? Listen to the coaches and do what they say all the time. Results will come, don’t rush it. Cross fit for life is a real thing.



What has CrossFit done for your life? My goal when I started was to improve my core strength (sorry JV) which would hopefully make me a stronger, faster runner. CF has done that and more. I’ve never been more fit than I am now, which makes me feel better about everything.


Tell us about your life and family outside of CrossFit – I was born and raised in Washington, small town called Carson in the Columbia Gorge. I moved to Colorado after graduating high school. I met my wife in Colorado in 1984, we got married in 1987 after moving back to Washington in 1986, I have two stepsons Jimmy and Willy, we have two daughters, Samantha 27 (who is my biggest fan and cheerleader at CFS). She loves to come with me. Megan 25, who is married to Garrett, and has blessed us with two (Autumn and Cooper) of our 11 Grandchildren. We also raised two Nephews, Jay and Devin. We have 1 great grandchild . I work for a large Drilling Contractor in Kent, been there for 25 years. Other significant events in my life. Got clean and sober in 1994. “SAVED IN 1996”. We attend Canyon Hill’s Community Church in Bothell.

I want to take a moment to thank all the coaches who have been patient with me the last two years, Wendy says I was a challenge in the beginning, hopefully less so now. The Owners ( Past and Present) and Coaches at CFS are the best, they truly have your best interest at heart. I’ve met some great people the last two years in the CFS family, who are always encouraging to everyone. I’m blessed to be a part of the CFS family.



Back Squat Establish a 1 rep max












Compare to here for last 1RM Back Squat

100 thoughts on “Monday May 16, 2016”

  1. A big congrats to Tom. You’re an inspirational guy around the gym, as well as being a friend to all. I really enjoyed reading your story.

  2. Congrats Tom! Your kind smile always makes me feel welcome at the gym, even when I am overwhelmed by the task at hand.

  3. Congrats Tom!!! Love your story!!

    125# back squat (PR) – was hoping to get more in the 130-140, but I’ll take it…

  4. Only 2 years Tom?!?! Beast!!!!!
    Good job Tom (and Wendy for making these profiles).

    Got to 290 this AM (-15 pr). Feel good about this result. Worked through a knee issue this whole cycle. Knee felt strong. PR next time!

  5. Congrats Tom! Great story, thanks for sharing your life with us.
    Lots of PR’s today at #darklifters !
    PR for me too 250# Thanks for pushing me Wendy!

  6. Great words, Tom. We aren’t together often at CFS, but you sure inspire me when we are.
    Back squat PR @235#
    22 pushups

  7. Tom always has a kind word of encouragement for others and a generous dose of humility for himself when he quietly crushes a WOD. Congrats Tom and Samantha, very well deserved.

      1. Thanks! The CFT we did a few months ago was the first time I did backsquats. I feel so much stronger and have some technique now.

  8. Awesome article, and great way to get to know you even more. “Running Tom” I now know why. Very speedy. Glad you are on our Ragnar Team!!

    A) 275# ….30# PR

    B) 22 Push Ups

      1. Thx Taylor! Lots of complimentary nick names for you I must say. Kind of Wizard of Oz like. We will have to send in Toto to see the method behind the magic.

  9. Dark Lifters came out of the gate flying this morning with their PRs!!
    All that hard work is paying off. Can’t wait to see everyone’s accomplishments today.

    Ring That Bell!!!!

    200# 25#PR

  10. Congratulations Tom and Samantha! Thank you for sharing, being a great workout partner and such an inspiration!

  11. Congrats Tom you always kill it!
    The CFS speedster!!

    80# Pr! Woohoo!!
    It was raining prs in that 915 class!! Great job everyone!!

    #team915 #300club

    1. I have no words for an 80# PR that are appropriate for a public blog – so I’ll just say WOW. JoeDaddy’s got guts

    2. Thx everyone!!! I would say the programming worked. What’s next??? Val I believe u r right we were all to excited didn’t even ring the bell!! Hahahaha

      That #team915 Was killin it today!! Happy PR Monday to all of you!!!!!

  12. 175# (25# PR) – So stinking happy about this! I never imagined I would be able to back squat 175#. Huge goal.


    1. As much as I would love to take all the credit for your PR.. something tells me you worked very hard for it. GREAT job Val. I look forward to big things from you!

  13. 215#
    This is a 30# pr, however, I’ve been vacationing all weekend and want to try it when I’m fresh. Watch me get worse. 🙂

    I haven’t hit 195# since 2012, so this is exciting.

  14. 125# (10#PR) I’ll take it! can’t complain about getting stronger 🙂

    So thrilled for EVERYONE and the amazing PRs, so amazing to be part of this!

  15. 305lbs, 5 more pounds than last time #babysteps

    Well deserved Tom! You are always apleasure to have in a wod and kick butt as well! (and someday you’ll love the overhead squat 😀 ) and heck of a family!

    Good hunting all of you PR predators!

  16. Yay Tom! such a beast and a great guy. I has been fun to watch your amazing progression over the past couple years. Keep up the good work.

  17. Tom!! Such a great story! You are a true joy to workout with my friend.

    185 lbs. — 65 lb PR


  18. What a great Monday – Congratulations to Everyone today on all the amazing gains. Talk about rise and grind !!

    205# – 30# PR 🙂


  19. What an amazing day for everyone. Makes you proud you had the courage to walk thru that front door your very first day.
    Congrats to all, especially Tom. I know we don’t WOD together, but I enjoy the competition on the running WOD’s. Keep up the great work!

  20. Thanks for all the kind words everyone, AWESOME JOB BY EVERYONE TODAY, I heard that PR bell ringing clear down in Kent today.

  21. 275 ( or one and a half Dukes in CFS’ new official form of weight measurement). Matched my PR so can’t be mad.

  22. Love getting to see Tom every time I’m there. Super cool guy and one of the first I met when i started going there. Great job PRing tonight.

    Couldn’t participate due to a hopefully slight knee injury at work. But glad to see everyone with their game face on.

  23. Awesome story Tom!

    165# 71# PR

    Than I went for 175#…the weight got stuck on my (awesome metallic gold) belt when I tried to unsuccessful dump it. Wah wah

  24. Worked up to 210#
    This is a ways off my PR, but for a post surgical new baseline…I’ll take it! And the best part…no hip pain! Everyone did so awesome today! LOVE IT!

  25. Worked to 335#, 10# more than my working weight this cycle. So happy to see people willing put in so much hard work.

    You guys really got to see it pay off today. Great job! Couldn’t be happier for you. Just wait until there’s a back squat WOD with a tempo 5×5 based off your new PRs though! Hahahaha…… 🙂

  26. Unbelievable PR’s today!! So proud of everyone! I’m inspired by all of you!

    175#, this is my baseline back squat since I did not have a 1 rep max before tonight.

      1. Thanks Joe Daddy! Congrats to you on that 80# PR!! That just blows my mind!! Hoping to get in to #915 again soon!

  27. I loved reading your story Tom!
    125 today. I didn’t have a 1RM but I met my goal today.
    5 months now at Cross Fit , I can’t wait to see how much stronger I am in the next 5.

    1. Susan you are doing AWESOME!! I’ve been loving watching you get stronger and see what new things you’re doing! 🙂 Great work.

  28. 215 … 10Lb PR. Pretty happy with that.

    I gotta say, I love hearing these stories of our members, and watching every ones improvement. I really love our little family at Crossfit Snohomish. : )

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