Monday April 17, 2017

Chris May

Congratulation to Chris and Carisa May’s son Alex.  He placed 2nd in rings at the Regional Men’s Gymnastics Competition on April 8th. He also  placed 5th in the all around competition and  is going to the National Men’s Junior Olympics in Florida on May 11th.   Good Luck Alex!!!


With a partner

5 Clean & Jerk 225/155

4 Clean & Jerk 225/155

3 Clean & Jerk 225/155

2 Clean & Jerk 225/155

1 Clean & Jerk 225/155

These reps are to be performed unbroken

You go-I go style

Post weight to comments


For time


T2B and Wall Balls 20/14

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14 thoughts on “Monday April 17, 2017”

  1. A. Started at 205lbs but had to bail to 195lbs. First set fell apart!!
    B. 9:23 w/ 30# wbs
    T2B no bueno. Apparently a weekend of sugar, crap sleep and alcohol is NOT the way to improve your weeknesses. 😀 😀

  2. A. 185 first 5 155 for the rest.

    B. 5:55 rx’d. When toes to bars go they go 😜

    Great job today Adam! #noonclass

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