Tuesday April 18, 2017

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Just a reminder that CFS is having a CPR and First Aid class this Sunday at 10am.  It should only be about and hour and a half and the cost is $35.00 Please let me know if you will be attending or sign the signup sheet at CFS.  Lets hope this is one skill you will never have to use but if you do Be Ready Life Happens!!!!


As we go into todays WOD of the beloved Fran here are some words of Wisdom from Ben Bergeron the Owner of CrossFit New England and Coach of 5 different CrossFit Game Champions 


With this being said lets all remember Fran is a very High Intensity WOD if you are dropping your bar after every 2 reps this should be a red flag that your bar is to heavy.  Remember you have the rest of your life to RX make it perfect when you do !! 



1 RM Push Press



Resting Fran


Thusters 95/65


Rest 2 min between rounds

Score is minus rest time



A.  Spend 10:00 working up to a heavy backsquat
B.  EMOM for 10:00 of:
2 backsquats
Start light and end up heavy, but with perfect form
Compare to:  12.9.16
5 x 100-meter sprints
3 rounds
10 high box jumps
Max ring rows
3 x 200-meter sprints


16 thoughts on “Tuesday April 18, 2017”

  1. A. 195# +18# pr

    B. 9:00 Rx. Man I could tell I have been off over a week. Rough one. Felt super weak. Body had to adjust to this time change.

    Holla to all my #915 peeps!!! The 5pm class is stuck with me for prob 5 weeks for work training. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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