Thursday April 20, 2017



It only seems appropriate that as summer is right around the corner that Tom Duffy is CFS spotlight Athlete of the Month .  Tom is the second longest member at CFS. In fact when he started he had hair 🙂  He  is such a joy no matter how busy he is with his life. He always gives the best he can in every WOD and never hesitates to help others do the best they can.  I feel as is I can speak for everyone that knows Tom he just makes your day brighter every time you see him.



1 RM Back Squat

The whole class will be dedicated to back squats.   Take your time and Move Well












Compare to here

Teen WOD

AMRAP in 17 mins:
3 snatch
3 jumping CTB pullups
3 wall ball shots
20 double unders
6 snatch
6 jumping CTB pull ups
6 wall ball shots
20 double unders
9 snatch
9 jumping CTB pull ups
9 wall ball shots
20 double unders
*ascending by 3’s until 17:00, DUs always stay at 20
Compare to:  1.20.17

26 thoughts on “Thursday April 20, 2017”

  1. Tom Duffy, the legend ’nuff said. Really!

    A gentleman’s 400lbs.
    Haven’t done 400lbs in almost 4 years. Kind of super happy with the milestone as a few years ago i honestly thought i might not ever get to play with big boy weights again. Thanks God, patient CFS and a shout out for Ryan DeBell who helped me through the worst of it physically and mentally. Family so much more important but it’s great to be able to play.

  2. Tom Duffy: here’s my favorite memory of you. This is back in the old school 1.0 days. We did a Sat wod where we had to carry something for maybe 400 or 800m or something. We all started on our way and you flew past everyone, like a blur with a big gust of air! I swear you screamed, “see ya suckas!” as you destroyed everyone that day. Maybe I just imaged that, but this I do know for sure: I hate the feeling of running and hearing your footsteps behind me, coming closer with every single stride. Someday I’d like to be able to run as fast as you!

  3. Way to go Tom! You da man!!

    340# 5# Pr 💪🏾
    It was all the way live at 5! Heavy weight by all!

    #team915 #4life

    Great job everyone!

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