Friday June 16, 2017


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This summer CFKids and Teen Coach Annie will  be offering a four week teen weightlifting class!  This will be a special class in addition to our normal CrossFit Kids and Teen Classes.

This class is designed to teach teen athletes the proper form and technique for lifting weights including Olympic and Powerlifting style movements (snatch, clean & jerk, back squat and deadlift) with an emphasis on proper mechanics.  Teens who want to compete in scholastic sports will benefit from a background in weightlifting to help build strength, increase bone density, and improve motor control, body awareness and overall athletic abilities. Olympic weightlifting movements are the corner stone to any high level strength and conditioning program for advanced athletes but are inclusive for any level athlete looking to improve


$105.00 for 7 classes.   There will no refunds for missed or make up days. 


Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30 – 12:30

July 5th – July 27th

Please contact Coach Annie at for any questions

Warm UP

800M Run


Walking lunge there and back

Burpee Broad Jump there and back

Duck walk there and back

Lateral lunge there and back



150/100 Calories on the Bike or 200/150 calories on Rower

On top of every minute 4 Burpess

Teen WOD

Death By:

DB Push Press

Pull Up

20 thoughts on “Friday June 16, 2017”

  1. 17:56 Rx Row powered by Joyce awesomeness.

    Luckily I had Quinn’s pace to aim for from previous class, thanks buddy!

    Embrace the suck!

      1. Thanks.
        Great job keeping your intensity up throughout. A good sign when you finish and immediately walk out the door. 😀

    1. Good job fighting through and getting tougher as you went. I don’t know if you noticed but your second half was faster than your first half.
      18 mins for first 75ish cals, 14ish mins for your second 75 cals.

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