Thursday October 12, 2017


Warm Up

Tabata Style

Mt Climbers-Primial Pull Throughs-Lunges-Double Unders


4 Rounds for Time

25 GHDs

3 Rope Climbs

400m Run/500m Row

Post time to comments

CrossFit Light


20min Amrap

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats


Teen WOD

Week 10

4 x 3 x 85%
2x 2:00 – plank 30-second L sit

11 thoughts on “Thursday October 12, 2017”

    1. Great job Val & Joe !
      10 abmat ghds 1st 2 rounds & 15 sit-ups & did regular sit-ups last 2 rounds
      1st & 3rd rounds rope climb attempts
      2nd & 4th rounds did one rope climb per round

  1. I think it was 24: xx? on the board, took forever:)
    25GHDs as prescribed (love em!)
    rope climbs 1/2 to 3/4 up each time (but did all of them!)
    opted to run on the beautiful morning, beat the rain!

    nice work Joyce, we were the dynamic duo this morning and thanks for the great rope tips Taylor! One day I will get to that really high beam and not be scared!

  2. I didn’t keep track of timer bc we were sharing ropes but….. first time ever making it all the way to the top of the rope!!

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