Thursday November 9, 2017


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Today is the last day for our 1 Rep Max Series, I will have the new spread sheet posted and if there are any maxes you may have missed please try and get them done during Open Gym so that as we go forwarded and having WODS that will use a percentage of your 1RM you will be right on target.  There are two new 1 RM I have added from popular demand  Bench Press and a 1 minute of DBalls 70/50.  These also can be done during Open Gym.  Great Job everyone and looking forwarded to what the next 6 moths will bring

Warm Up

3 Rounds

:50 easy row :10 fast row

1 Round of Strict Cindy

:30 second Samson Stretch each leg


Push Press 1 RM

Compare to here


40 Double Unders 18 GHD

40 Double Unders 15 GHD

40 Double Unders 12 GHD

40 Double Unders 9 GHD

40 Double Unders 6 GHD

post time to comments


CrossFit light

4 Rounds

50 singles

40 squats

30 situps

20 push ups

10 pull ups

CrossFit Teens

4 Rounds for time of:
Row 500m
10 Hang Squat Cleans
5 Hand Stand Push Ups

18 thoughts on “Thursday November 9, 2017”

    1. Hey, can somebody check the board for me, I’m thinking my time was 7:53. (Only matters next time we do this…) Thanks,

  1. A) 175# (pushed up 180# but it wasn’t sexy enough… so doesn’t count)
    B) 11 something

    Awesome day.
    Nice job everyone!

    C) 22 70lb medicine ball over the shoulder in 1 min.

    # darklifters

    1. Sexiness is an incredibly underrated quality of a lift.
      Gentlemen sexiness!

      (really, it is really good to at least note the quality of our reps! Otherwise we chase unrealistic numbers when we should be sexy)

  2. A. 235lbs (failed 240lbs in classic 5 more pounds over compensate mistake)

    B. 10:37 with GHD to a medicine ball
    I’ll take it, some roughness but some good sets. Joyce just cruised right past me like a meth bunny.

  3. 165#. -10# from pr. This was the max that put me out for 7 weeks. I was a bit scared and took it easy.

    10:32? DU’s seem to have gone to S**t. A mix of DU’s and singles with sit-ups

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