Monday November 13, 2017

Warm Up

1-2 Rounds:
200 Meter Slow Row or Jog
30s Deadhang Pull-Ups Hold
10 Pushups
3 Spidermans and reach, each
:30s second Samson Stretch each side

Empty Barbell:
5 Good Mornings
5 Pausing Back Squats
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

3 Rounds:
100 Meter Moderate Jog
5 Deadlfts
3 Slow Burpee Step-Overs




5X3 Deadlift @75%


10 min AMRAP

7 Deadlifts 225/155 (at the top of every min including the start)

7 Burpee Box Jump overs 24/20

if they don’t finish the burpees in the minute they are to continue from were they left off before the deadlifts

Score is total Burpess Box Jumps

14 thoughts on “Monday November 13, 2017”

  1. A: 285
    B: I got 1/2 then back said stop – seriously should not have gone 225 or stretched between lifts, too heavy for so many for me. Technique was not up to it.

  2. A) 295#
    B) 70 deadlifts and 10 burpees
    Should have scaled to get most out the the AMRAP. Was only able to get to the burpees on the first 2 rounds. Back was very tight.


  3. For info:
    For the life of me I couldn’t quite interpret the metcon so 530/630am did 10 minutes of burpee box jump overs with 7 deadlifts every minute (including at 0:00). Other classes may or may not do the same.

    Great WOD (and GREAT efforts!!). Though scale more than you think you need to if you do it. 70 DL is a lot under time crunch.

  4. Makeup WOD: HAMMER
    26:53 Rx (ROUGH WOD – lived up to its Hero WOD status)
    [ -3:39 or 2011 PR, but considering I an 6 years older, from 40 to 46 i feel like this is a victory]

  5. A) 210
    B) 35 burpees @ 155# deadlift – i was able to do all 7 DL each minute but my burpee box overs dwindled in reps each minute.

    I’m really liking deadlift Monday’s!!

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