Tuesday November 14, 2017

Warm Up

2 Rounds:
250m Light-Paced Row
5 Spiderman and Reach, each leg (Video)
10 Slow Scap Retractions (Video)
15 AbMat Sit-Ups
30 seconds Single Unders



EMOM for 10 min

4 Power Snatches


4 Rounds

15 Power Snatches75/55

30 Double Unders

200m run

CrossFit Light

3 Rounds

3 sets
15 banded good mornings
10 birddogs
1 min Ring Rows


13 min AMRAP
13 Knee ups
13 KB swings
13 Box jump overs

CrossFit Teens

50 Reps of Each :
Kettle Bell Front Rack Lunge Steps (each leg)
Push Press
Double Unders
Toes to Bar
Medicine Ball Cleans
Run 400m

25 thoughts on “Tuesday November 14, 2017”

  1. Home WOD.. “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…”
    Deadlifts, mallet swings, jerks, snatches and throws: 45 min.
    “Life Happens be Ready” (no gas for chain saw and a forester axe to clear a 10″ tree across the driveway…) oh yeah, no power at the house 🙂

  2. 530am peeps – never gave you a chance to see your video
    If you want it just install coach’s eye app and msg me at 303-513-1813.

  3. A) 115# back still tight from deadlift monday…
    B) 13:19 had to scale part of the way through to single unders and hang snatch.

    Thanks for all the tips Coach Shawn!

  4. EMOM – 135lbs throughout – 4th rep was sometimes less ideal than i should’ve allowed

    MetCon – 12:28 Rx – should’ve warmed up, first set of DU sucked! 😛

    Good work morning crews!

  5. A. Hang power snatches at 42#
    B. Scaled/modified for back – 55# push press then turned into strict press, 20 abmat situps, and 11 calorie bike – 3 rounds

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