Wednesday December 6, 2017


3 Rounds

1:30 Slow Bike or Row
1 Round of 5 Strict Pull-Ups + 10 Pushups + 15 Dowel OHS
:30s second Samson Stretch each side
5 Kip Swings + 2-3 Kipping Pull-Ups

Gymnastic Skill Building

Part A (if you have MU)

3 Rounds

1 MU

30 Double Unders


30 Double Unders

1 MU

Rest 1:30

If Athlete doesn’t have MU

10min EMOM

Even Minutes

7 Strict Banded MU

Odd Minutes

40 Double Unders or 80 singles


For Time

1000m Row Or 1.5 Miles on Bike

50 GHD

50 Kettle Bell Sumo Deadlift High Pull 70/53

1000m Row Or 1.5 Miles on Bike

15 thoughts on “Wednesday December 6, 2017”

  1. A. banded rings and 30 DU instead of 40
    B. 16:51 – GHD sit ups to wall ball – Air Bike before and after
    think I’m almost ready to do GHDs to the ground again, almost.

    Great energy darklifters. I was a bit out of it and not helping with that energy, just surviving this morning. 🙂

    1. Change your blog name to “frequent flyer”. Always super impressed with how you get after it on the road. Keep up the great work!

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