Monday January 8, 2018

9D5E1CCB-2792-47EB-BE80-A9C39B8B89E3Congratulations Kiley Hubby 1st Place Kelso Tournament this weekend!!!! All your hard work and dedication is paying off!! 

Warm Up


:40sec slow row :20sec fast

5 inchworms

10 Burpees

10 Glute bridges

5 Primal pull throughs


Part A

Week 10 Deadlift


Part B

15min Amrap

5 Hand release Push ups

10 reverse Lunges

15 situps

29 thoughts on “Monday January 8, 2018”

  1. A: all 335#
    B: 13 rnds had a bit of trouble getting into this WOD but then enjoyed the gut busting of the sit-ups.

      1. Lol Val!! I was just looking at how speedy the earlier classes were. What the heck I thought I was going at a good pace?!😂

  2. Good job Kiley!!! 💪

    A. 210#
    B. Modified:
    5 strict pull ups/CTB with mixed grips
    10/15 GHD
    15/10 back extensions
    Alternating reps each round
    8 rounds done

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