Athlete Spotlight

CrossFit Snohomish Spotlight Athlete of the Month for December



Molly Fant

When did you start CrossFit Snohomish?

Almost 5 years ago


What is your favorite movement?

Dead lifts and pull-ups!

What is your least favorite movement?

Back Squats and Thrusters!

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

For me doing the open each year because it has always pushed me in a positive direction.

What is your next goal?

Stringing toes 2 bar together

If you had super powers what would they be?

I think being invisible and freezing time would be awesome!

What do you like to do outside of the gym?

I love to Snowmobile, Dirt bike ride and spend time over east with my family

What is your favorite food?


What is your favorite movie?

50 First Dates

Where is your favorite place to be?

Anywhere the Sun is!

If you could go back to the very first day you walked thru CrossFit Snohomish doors what would you tell yourself knowing what you know now?

It’s not as scary as you think!! You will do amazing things with this awesome Family you will have at C.F.

What has CrossFit done for your life?

Crossfit has become not only a place to get fit and healthy for my body but also my mind, heart and Soul!! It gives me such happiness and comfort to walk in the front door and have so many loving, smiling supportive people to be with and talk with each day! It’s a place of Love, encouragement and Fun like no other!

Tell us about your life and family outside of CrossFit

I have two Children Kylie 16 and Michael 13 plus 2 dogs a chocolate lab Koda and a French\Boston Bailey and 1 horse Rain.  My husband Sean and I were married 19 years ago when we were 19! I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom! As a family we love everything that is outside, and when not hiding in the woods we are normally at one of the kids sporting events. The Lord has blessed  my Family and I  in so many ways and I am so thankful for all he has provided in my life!