Monday October 23, 2017


I would like to give Alicia Erickson a huge thank you for all  the  awesome pictures of CFS Athletes you have taken  for our new Website ♥   I will be posting some of them and if anyone would like copies please let me know.

Warm Up 

3 Rounds

1:30 on bike or rower slow

In a Snatch Grip with an empty barbell

5 Good Mornings

5 Back Squats

5 Elbow rotations

5 Behind the Neck Press

5 Stiff-Deadlifts

5 Overhead Squats


1 RM Squat Snatch

Compare to here


6min AMRAP

6 Power Snatches 95/65

18 Bar Hop Overs

Saturday October 21, 2017

Image result for images of dallas Hero 5 crossfit

On July 7, 2016, a sniper coordinated an ambush on a group of police officers in Dallas, Texas. Dallas 5 commemorates the five officers who lost their lives in the attack.

Dallas Police Officer Patricio “Patrick” Zamarripa, 33, was a member of the force for six years and served active duty with the U.S. Navy for eight years and in the reserves for five. He is survived by his wife, Kristy, and daughter, Lyncoln Rae.

Dallas Police Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens, 48, was a longtime member of the force. He served with the Los Angeles Police Department for 10 years before moving to Texas and joining the Dallas Police Department in 2002. He is survived by his wife, Katrina, and children, Sorcha and Magnus.

Dallas Police Officer Michael Krol, 40, was an eight-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department and a dedicated member of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in Detroit, Michigan, before that. He is survived by numerous friends and family members.

Dallas Police Sergeant Michael Smith, 55, served as a U.S. Army Ranger before joining the police force in 1989. The 27-year veteran of the force is survived by his wife, Heidi, and daughters, Victoria and Caroline.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Officer Brent Thompson, 43, served in the Marine Corps before joining the Corsicana Police Department and then the Dallas Police. He is survived by his wife, Emily, and many other friends and family members.


Warm Up

Warm Up
800 m Run
10 walkouts
10 primal Pull throughs
10 step ups



Dallas 5 Hero 
5 minutes of Burpess
5min AMRAP
7 Deadlifts 155/115
7 Box Jumps 24/20
5 minutes Turkish get ups 40/25
5min AMRAP
7 Snatches 75/55
7 Push ups
5 minutes Row for calories

Blue Friday Throwdown Week 5 October 20, 2017

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Today is the Open House for Dr Ryan Doerge better known as Heather’s Husband 🙂  Stop by his new office in Mill Creek and enter to win a free massage.  Best of Luck to Heather and Ryan as the newest chapter of your lives begin!!!



A.  12 mins. to find your heaviest weighted pull up
(kipping is fine)
RX= weighted and bodyweight (no bands)
scale = 4:00 to get as many cals as possible on the assault bike
B.  Death by strict pull ups, time cap 12:00
Min. 1= 1 pull up, min. 2 = 2 pull ups, min. 3 = 3 pull ups, min 4 = 4 pull ups, min. 5 = 5 pull ups, min. 6 = 6 pull ups, min 7 = 7 pull ups, etc. Until you can’t get all reps in in the minute or until 12:00.
RX= bodyweight (no bands)
scale= ring row
Rules:  you must hang completely off the bars without your feet touching the ground before pull up (no toes on the ground to start).  This may mean you have to go to a higher pull up bar than you usually use.  Each rep, elbows will be extended fully at the bottom of the pull up, chin over the bar at the top.  You may kip on part A, no kipping on Part B.  The rep won’t count in part b if you spasm in any way to get your chin over the bar.  You can use any grip.  Tie breaker goes to the heavier athlete. Athlete must complete the pull ups unbroken, no coming off the bar and resting then going back up in the same minute.
Scoring:  your weight from part A (or cals) plus your pull ups in part b. For example, an athlete does 20# in part A and gets through the set of 5 pull ups but fails in the set of 6 pull ups  you will receive 5 pts in part and your total score will be 25 points

Thursday October 19, 2017

Morning Chalk Up Europe

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Warm Up
500m easy row
3 rounds
5 Spiderman reach ( each leg)
10 Slow Scap Raises
5 Walkouts
10 Kip Swings from Pull up bar
3 Strict Pull ups
1000m Row
6 Rounds of The Chief
500m Row
4 Rounds of  The Chief
250m Row
2 Rounds of The Chief
* The Chief 
3 Power Cleans 135/95
6 Push Ups
9 Squats
CrossFit Light
3 Rounds
500m Row
25 KB Deadlifts
15 Burpee Box Jumps
CrossFit Teens
3 rounds for time:
3 hang power cleans
6 strict pull-ups or ring rows
30 double-unders or 15 tuck jumps
T-Spine smash

Wednesday October 18, 2017

Warm Up


25 Double Unders/50 Singles

10 Jumping lunges

10 Mt Climbers

10 Spiderman reach


4 minute AMRAP
21 OHS 65/45
21 Burpee over rower
max calorie row
4 minute rest
4 min AMRAP
18 OHS75/55
18 Burpees over rower
max calorie row
4 minute rest
4 min AMRAP
15 OHS 95/65
15 Burpees over rower
max calorie row
4 minute rest
4min AMRAP
12 OHS 115/80
12 Burpees over the rower
max calorie row


*Score is total calories rowed


Tuesday October 17, 2017

Warm Up

1:30 Easy Row

3 Rounds of Strict Cindy


12 minutes to build to a heavy set of 5 Deadlifts


Teams of 3

EMOM for 12 minutes

10 Deadlifts 185/135

20 Sit ups

Max Calories on the bike

  • 1 partner at each station rotating on the minute.  Score is total calories.  If not enough people for a teams then this may be done as an indivdual score.

CrossFit Light


1000m Row

50 Thrusters

30 Pull ups

CrossFit Teens

Week 11:

4 x 1 x 90%
3x 10 weighted box step-ups

10 bar roll-outs