October 23rd, 2013

Wendy’s 5th Marathon…


Wendy recently completed her 5th marathon! This time it was the Nike Women’s San Francisco marathon at the end of which a firefighter presents you with an exclusive Tiffany necklace designed specifically for race finishers! The picture on the left shows Wendy’s pre-race nail job. Way to represent! The pic on the right shows her receiving her prize!

Necklaces and cool nail paintings don’t tell the whole story here. Wendy has been a marathoner for years. When she first came to us she was literally in tears every other workout due to back pain. She was broken. She always cameĀ  to class though. She may have only been deadlifting a pvc pipe, swinging a 9# Kettlebell or stepping up on an 8 inch box, but she was there. Her belief in functional movements, done properly and scaled appropriately was not misguided. Watch her move now and ask her and you will see a huge smile come across her face to reveal the daily joy that she has just getting out of bed without back pain. Now that is success! And in my mind this is by far her best marathon performance yet because she trained smart and made it through it healthy and happy! Great job Wendy. CFS is proud of you!

A.Back squat 5-5-5-5

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.

B. For max reps perform:

3 minutes Rowing (Calories)

2 minutes Tuck jumps (Jump and bring your knees up as high as you can)

1 minute Abmat sit ups (Legs bent to 90 touch above your head, touch your toes)

Post total reps to comments.