Monday October 16, 2017

CFS Family

This past weekend  some of CFS Athletes competed in the Festivus Games at CrossFit Skagit  (hmmmm CFS 🙂 ) We had a great time and both Masters Teams won first place!!!

Warm Up

ROW 1000m


Together as a group

10 reps of the following with an empty barbell

Clean Grip Deadlift

Clean Pull

Front Squat

Hang Clean and Press

5 reps with light weight

Power Clean and Push Jerk

Squat Clean and Jerk


1 RM Clean and Jerk (Squat)

Compare to here



30 Clean and Jerk 135/95

Compare to here

Blue Friday Throwdown Part 4 Friday October 13, 2017

Image result for images of screaming eagles

Screaming Eagles Head Coach Taylor McCrosson has developed this weeks Throwdown.  With the Screaming Eagles and Coach Shawn’s “What is their Team Name this Week” tied with 224 points each,  look out for some exciting numbers to be logged!!!!

11 Min AMRAP

8 Burpee Facing Box Jump 24/20

13 Cal Row

21 Dumbell Thrusters 25/15

Rest 1 Minute


Chest to Bar

Scaling is   20/16 box jumps or step ups   35/22 Barbell Thrusters   and Jumping Chest to Bar

***Score is total reps of part 1 plus total number of C2Bx2    So if part 1 score is 50 and you get 10 C2B your total score is 50+20=70    to RX and receive 5 points  you must complete 2 rounds of RX AMRAP.   The Score of the WOD goes towards winning the Throwdown for the day and earning either 25 or 15 extra points for your team


Wednesday October 11, 2017

If you Love Snatches today is your day. We will be working on skill work and finishing up with a Heavy Isabelle.  Remember as you are going through this process of improving your Snatch that light weight moved perfectly will guarantee heavy weight moved perfectly.

Warm Up

Empty Barbell Snatch Grip

5 reps of each- Good Morning-Back Squats-Elbow Rotation-Behind the neck press-stiff legged deadlifts-Overhead Squats

2 Rounds

Burgener Warm up for Snatch

3 Rounds

5 Weighted Snatch Deadlifts-5 Weighted Snatch Pull-5 Weighted High Pull



Snatch Skill Work Starting light and adding weight

3X1 Power Snatch-OHS-Squat Snatch

3 Squat Snatches (touch n go)

2 Squat Snatch ( touch n go)

1  Squat Snatch

Then for time

30 Power Snatch 155/115

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Tuesday October 10, 2017

Warm Up

750m Row

3 Rounds

10 Goblet Squats- 10 weighted good mornings-10 spiderman reach


1 REP Max Front Squat

Compare to here 


3 Rounds

3 Front Squats

3 Hang Squat Cleans

2 Squat Cleans

rest 1:30 between sets


CrossFit Light

5k Row  on the top of every 2 minutes 5 Burpees over the Rower

Teen WOD

Every 3 min for 4 Rounds:

15/12 Cal Row

10 Barfacing Burpess

Max Push Press