Friday June 16, 2017


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This summer CFKids and Teen Coach Annie will  be offering a four week teen weightlifting class!  This will be a special class in addition to our normal CrossFit Kids and Teen Classes.

This class is designed to teach teen athletes the proper form and technique for lifting weights including Olympic and Powerlifting style movements (snatch, clean & jerk, back squat and deadlift) with an emphasis on proper mechanics.  Teens who want to compete in scholastic sports will benefit from a background in weightlifting to help build strength, increase bone density, and improve motor control, body awareness and overall athletic abilities. Olympic weightlifting movements are the corner stone to any high level strength and conditioning program for advanced athletes but are inclusive for any level athlete looking to improve


$105.00 for 7 classes.   There will no refunds for missed or make up days. 


Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30 – 12:30

July 5th – July 27th

Please contact Coach Annie at for any questions

Warm UP

800M Run


Walking lunge there and back

Burpee Broad Jump there and back

Duck walk there and back

Lateral lunge there and back



150/100 Calories on the Bike or 200/150 calories on Rower

On top of every minute 4 Burpess

Teen WOD

Death By:

DB Push Press

Pull Up

Thursday June 15, 2017


CrossFit Marysville Silent Auction Dinner

As many of you know, the Bobcats of CFM qualified for their FOURTH CrossFit Games last weekend at the West Regional. The 2017 Reebok Crossfit Games will be held in Madison, Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Center August 1st – 6th.

With the Games moving farther away the cost of travel increases pretty drastically for the team. Please join us at this fun dinner (Provided by Gena and NW FitMeals) and silent Auction to help in any way you can to get the team to Madison!

When: Saturday June 24th, 5:30pm
Where: CrossFit Marysville
Cost: $20 – (VENMO or CASH ONLY)
Attire: Semi-Dressed up/Cocktail (not formal) – Nice Jeans okay

Be sure to RSVP on their facebook page and Check Out their Fitness Fundraiser Event for the morning @ 10am!

Warm Up

400m run


10 Active Shoulders Hangs

10 Primial Pull Through

10 Dumbell Press  Light


10Min to Establish 2 Heavy Push Press

For Time


Deadlift 155/105

Push Ups


Teen WOD

2 x AMRAP in 6:00, rest 2:00 in between
3 hang power cleans
6 high box jumps
9 toes-to-bar

Wednesday June14, 2017


Many of you may remember Phil and Kelly Bryant from our afternoon class.  Phil was diagnosed with cancer last year and has kept us informed every step of the way.  Everyday Warrior has written  an article that talks about Phil’s Cancer and how he is overcoming it.  Phil is truly Team Boomsauce!!  If you would like to send the Bryant’s an email please let me know and I will be happy to give you their address.   Looking forwarded to Wodding again soon with you Phil!

Everyday Warrior Phil Bryant

Warm Up

750 row


10 Calf Raises each side

10 Scorpions

10 Squat Jumps


Running Annie

100 DU

50 Sit Up

200m  Run

80 DU

40 Sit Up

200m Run

60 DU

30 Sit Up

200m Run

40 DU

20 Sit UP

200m Run

20 DU

10 Sit Up

200m Run


Tuesday June 13, 2017

Nutty nature

Who doesn’t love to smell good after a crazy hard WOD!! I have come across this deodorant and absolutely swear by it.   Here are all the details and I have it at the gym for $8.00 if anyone is interested.

Zero smell…even after a tough workout. Underarm odor is caused by bacteria growth and these ingredients together are nature’s most powerful bacteria fighters. Along with the addition of arrowroot powder and baking soda to absorb moisture and nut butters for softness, this product is a NATURAL WONDER! The light scent of citrus and herbal essential oils makes this product appeal to both men and women and because you only need a tiny amount it will last a long time!


Warm up


50 singles

Spiderman there and back

Inchworm there and back

:30 second bottom of OHS with PVC

10 Downward Dog-Upward Dog


4X2 Snatch @ 90 % of 1 RM

Drop bar between reps




Muscle Ups

Power Snatches 135/95



Sit Ups

Box Jumps

KB Swing