May 28th, 2009

Before and After Challenge….


Here is a before and after picture of Roger from Northwest CrossFit in Seattle after 6 months of CrossFit and I am sure some significant nutrition changes. Amazing. You have got one month left to make it happen. What can you do in one month?

AM Class

Happy rest day!

PM Classes

4x 500m row

Rest two minutes between

Post average time for all rows to comments.

May 26th, 2009

Functionality Hits the Trail!

tom ohs

grant hike

Check out Tom and Grant above snowshoeing up to camp in the snow. Awesome! This weekend he and Morgan hiked up to do a little skiing. Both great ways to enjoy your family and put your CrossFitness to the test. Read the excerpt from one of his emails below.

“Morgan & I snowshoed up Big Chief (about 1100’ vertical) with our skis & ski boots and our back and then skied down. I have to say that I was very impressed with how both of us did. That is probably the hardest hike up that Morgan has done in terms of vertical and weight on her back and we just cruised right up it without getting too winded or running out of leg strength. I was surprised at how strong my legs felt the whole way up. Thanks!”

Way to go Morgan, Grant and Tom!

Where have you noticed your increased work capacity in your everyday life. Share thoughts in comments.

All Classes


Two rounds, of each couplet, for time of:
750 meter Row
20 Handstand Push-ups

115 pound Thruster, 20 reps
20 L-Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

May 23rd, 2009

Omega 3s and You!


We have all heard about them. This is one thing mainstream nutrition actually has right. We need them. Here is a VERY basic primer on them. If you want more info click the links to continue reading on each subject. Post questions and thoughts to comments.

What are they?

They are polyunsaturated fats that are referred to as essential fatty acids which means we cannot create them and we will die without them.

What do they do?

They help prevent hypertension, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer and lower triglycerides for starters.

Where do I get them?

Fatty fish are by far the greatest source of omega 3 fatty acids (think wild salmon). You can only eat so much fish so consider a high quality fish oil supplement. Another way to significantly increase omega 3s in your diet is to make sure that any animal product you eat (beef, lamb chicken, dairy, eggs) are truly pasture raised. These sources are not as high as fish oil, but all of them together make up a significant portion of ones diet and can really add up. They also provide other nutrients that are not found in fish.

Animal vs. Plant Omega 3s

EPA and DHA come from animal sources of Omega 3. These are the types that our body needs. ALA comes from plant sources like flax. Your body can convert ALA to EPA and DHA, but not very efficiently, making animal sources of Omega 3 fatty acids preferable.

9 AM Classes

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats

Post time to comments.