Meet the Owner

Wendy Judkins

CF Level 1 and 2, CF Mobility, CF Endurance, CrossFit Gymnastics, CF Kids and Pregnancy Trainer


My favorite saying at CrossFit Snohomish is "You had me at hello." Which is literally what happened for me.
I have always been a person who enjoyed running but never considered myself an athlete, even after running four marathons and several half marathons. I felt like something was missing. During my training, I would run past the Vales house when they were still operating CFS in their garage. I would slow way down just so I could watch what was going on - lifting weights, box jumps, jumping ropes and a lot of grunts, groans and laughter. After reading a newspaper article about Charity Vale, my interest grew in finding more out about CrossFit.
After years of working out on my own (at least that is what I thought I was doing) I decided to give CrossFit a chance. On May 24, 2011 (yes, I remember the exact date) I walked into CFS and Jeff Vale said "Hi, how can I help you?". At the time I had no idea how he and CrossFit would change my life. I can clearly remember my 101 classes - pull ups with the black band, dead lifting only a PVC pipe and the fear of having to climb the rope. Two years later, I could complete numerous unbroken pull ups, dead lift one and half times my body weight and easily climb the rope (socks are the secret).
My improvements were a direct result of the physical training provided by the Crossfit Snohomish coaches as well as the emotional support of the CrossFit Snohomish community. I knew the benefits that CrossFit provided me and I knew it was time to payback. I wanted to help others that found themselves in the same situation I was when I started and pursue coaching, completing my Level 1 certification in June 2013.
I am proud to be a part of CFS family were everyone cares for you, cheers for you and even feels your pain for you. Each time I walk into CFS, I am excited to see what will become of the "unknown".

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