We are a welcoming fitness community of all ages, abilities and interests. Our great diversity is bound together by our unified goal; improving our lives through fitness, real food and positive community. Our workouts emphasize properly executed functional movements, in a constantly varied setting, under the guidance of a CrossFit Certified coach in a positive group setting. This is the core of our program and it has produced consistently amazing results for our committed community. When coupled with quality nutrition the results are exponentially increased. We are here to help you achieve these same results. Interested?

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the workout

CrossFit Snohomish exists to improve people's quality of life through CrossFit and real food. We train using the methods and programming set forth by Greg Glassman and CrossFit.com. Our workouts are constantly varied, relevant to real life, fun, effective, challenging and intense. Each workout at CrossFit Snohomish is customized to fit each individuals abilities. Each movement will be taught step by step by a certified CrossFit trainer to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

the food

First off, we are not doctors, nutritionists or dietitians. Based on what we have read from trusted, well researched sources we have found success with the following principles. We eat a whole/real foods diet. We eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. This means that grains, as most of us know them, are avoided, and if consumed are handled in a very specific manner. We don't eat processed foods. Our dairy is whole fat and of the highest quality, from grass-fed animals and preferably raw. Ideally caloric intake is guided naturally by our body's well designed cues for hunger and satiety. This is what we eat and have used to fuel some top performing CrossFit athletes.

Below are some good links on eating real food.

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