Meet John

CF Level 1

I have always been athletic, playing sports through high school and college and staying active. I always had a gym membership and continuously tried different workouts and exercises over the years to increase my fitness level. After a number of work related injuries and multiple surgeries, I had Doctors tell me I needed various surgeries that would have severely limited my activity level. I tried incorporating more functional movements into my workouts and some Olympic lifts. They were good but I still found myself struggling to keep the workouts interesting and stay free from injuries. I tried CFS after my wife had joined and saw great improvements in her fitness. She is a competitive runner and told me it was something I would enjoy. It was great. The coaches were all welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable. I had set lifting goals that I had hoped to meet through CFS. I was surprised how quickly I was able to meet and pass my goals. I enjoy the constantly varied functional movements in the group setting. The community at CFS is awesome and supportive of everyone. I not only look forward to completing the wods myself, but also seeing my friends at CFS complete them. Crossfit is unlike anything else by incorporating Olympic weightlifting gymnastics and more. It can take your fitness to a level you may not have thought you had.